Royal Selangor X Batman蝙蝠俠錫合金限量版蝙蝠車(RYS-017972-FIG50-BM)

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Royal Selangor 皇家雪蘭娥是世界知名的錫製器具品牌,創立於1885,總部設於馬來西亞吉隆坡。錫材具有柔軟的特點,可透過各種手工技藝做出非常多樣的工藝效果。同時錫器富有光澤、無毒、不易氧化變色,是排在鉑金、黃金、銀後面的第4種貴金屬。Royal Selangor 所採用之錫材含有92-97%的純錫,另外加入少量銅及銻以增加其硬度。這種處理方式使錫材比純錫更沉重、硬度更高,更為適合做成不同的器具。

  • Warner Bros. 官方授權產品(包裝盒附官方授權證書)

  • 物料:錫合金(>90%錫, 銅及銻)

  • 尺寸:H5cm x 18.5cm x 7cm, 底座H13.5cm x 25cm x 15.5cm

  • 包裝:精美原廠禮盒

  • A limited edition of 3,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide.
    With a SOCK! POW! and BIFF!, the Dynamic Duo combats villains in the wonderfully camp Batman TV series of the late 1960s. Possibly the most beloved of the show’s props, certainly the most recognisable, the classic more-is-more Batmobile checks every box when it comes to vintage technology, with its distinctive rear rocket booster, and a ludicrously extensive arsenal of gadgets. Our 1/32 scale version, presented in a stylish satin finish to accentuate every detail, replicates the souped-up vehicle meticulously.
    The replica, celebrating Batman’s 80th year fighting crime, includes a bonded porcelain display plinth in matt black, with design details fans will recognise. A spiral graphic provides a hypnotic backdrop, whilst the Batman badge spins to mimic the distinctive scene transitions on screen.
    About the collection
    A collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, this item comes in Official Batman Licensee packaging.






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